Support for Restoration of Bernal Heights Library Mural (Visual Arts Committee Agenda Item 14, 3/21/12)

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03/21/2012 by Library Users Association

Honorable President Beltran:

On behalf of the San Francisco Preservation Consortium, a grassroots
historic preservation education and advocacy group comprised of
individuals and member organizations, we ask the Visual Arts Committee
to support the restoration of the existing mural on the Bernal Heights
Branch Library, which was created between 1980 and 1982 through a
community effort led by muralists Arch Williams and Carlos Alcala.
The mural features Chilean singer-songwriter Victor Jara and American
singer Holly Near. One side of the wall honors working women and the
other side of the wall depicts the history of Bernal Heights.

As funding for mural restoration may be available from the Library and
the City’s Community Challenge Grant Program, we urge restoration of
the Bernal Heights Library community mural–an aspect of “People’s
Art”–rather than replacement as recommended by the Library Commission
on July 21, 2011.


Cynthia Servetnick, eGroup Moderator
San Francisco Preservation Consortium


14. Bernal Heights Branch Library
Susan Pontious
Explanatory Documents: Project Overview; Precita Eyes Mural
Application;Ruben Rude Mural Application; Letters of Support; Letters
in Opposition (revised 3/20/12); Approvals Timeline; Community
Meetings Calendar
Presentation Time: Approximately 10 minutes

Presentation of the Bernal Heights Branch Library Mural removal and
replacement effort.

Motion: Motion to approve the removal of the murals by Arch Williams
and others on the Courtland Avenue and Moultrie Street sides of the
Bernal Heights Branch Library, which will be replaced by a tile and
bronze artwork by Precita Eyes on the Courland Avenue side of the
library and a painted mural by Rueben Rude on the Moultrie Street side
of the library.

Motion: Motion to approve final design of the mural by Rueben Rude for
the Moultrie Street side of the Bernal Heights Branch Library.

Motion: Motion to approve design development of the proposal for a
tile and bronze mural by Precita Eyes for the front of the Bernal
Heights Branch Library on Courtland Avenue.


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